The Age

“Both talented performers, they combine for duets that bookend the show, and even die-hard musical theatre boffins will be impressed by their boundless erudition regarding, and enthusiasm for, the artform.” Read more
April 8, 2019

Pop Culture-y

“The audience is left on a positive note, that nobody is perfect, everyone is different, but also the same.” Read more
April 4, 2018

You Should See It Melbourne

“This cabaret is a MASTERCLASS in musical comedy.” Read more
April 1, 2019

Milk Bar Mag

“While Asperger’s Syndrome may not be a typical source of laughter, the fresh and comical duo manage to mix brilliant and intelligent humour with real stories and relatable experiences.” Read more
April 4, 2018

Weekend Notes

“Smyth and Smedley are both skilled and confident performers who demonstrate that while people with Asperger's have some unique shared experiences and ways of coping in the world, they are also uniquely gifted individuals who can be very different from each other despite their similarities, and aren't contained by labels.” Read more
March 31, 2019

Stage Whispers

“The young duo give a highly professional performance displaying sharp comedic timing…There were plenty of laughs, but also touching moments that brought tears to my eyes.” Read more
May 3, 2018

My Melbourne Arts

“Their openness and vulnerability allows the audience to better understand not only what Asperger's Syndrome is, but also how it impacts the lives of the people who have this type of autism.” Read more
March 29, 2018

Sometimes Melbourne

“It's an absolute delight that shows how telling your story in the way you want to tell it is always the way to an audience's heart. You don't even have to know who Sondheim is to love it.” Read more
March 28 2018

Weekend Notes

“Both Sophie and Ryan are trained musical theatre performers, have beautiful voices, and the lyrics of their songs will touch your heartstrings.” Read more
March 27, 2018